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For Film Junkies

There are SO many movie podcasts. Everyone has opinions about movies and everyone wants to share them, so I’m fairly picky about which film podcasts I’ll listen to. Here are some of my favorites.

TheFilmVault_300The Film Vault
This was the very first podcast I listened to. On a whim I thought I would try The Film Vault and I grew to really love that show. Anderson Cowan and Bryan Bishop host this ‘Top Five’ format show. They spend some time talking about movies they’ve seen in the last week before going through their ‘Top Five’ of the week. I like The Film Vault because it’s consistent, there is always a new episode up on Fridays and even if they cover a topic I’m not particularly interested in, I still enjoy the episode. Bryan and Anderson’s love/hate relationship is entertaining on its own, but they do give thoughtful analysis of the movies they see without giving away important plot points. The biggest thing that I’ve gained from this podcast is a reviewer whose opinion I trust. After many, many episodes of The Film Vault it has become clear that my taste in movies is nearly spot on with Anderson’s. So if there’s ever a movie I’m on the fence about seeing, I hold his opinion to a bit higher esteem than I would other movie critics. However, the biggest gift that The Film Vault has given me is to lead me to The After Disaster, a show so ridiculous that you should always make sure that the headphones are plugged in before you hit play.

  • Honorable mention: Cinemaddicts
    Anderson hosts this show with his friend Greg Srisavasdi, a professional movie critic. Cinemaddicts always covers films that are currently out in theaters and has a more academic approach where The Film Vault is a little more playful and informal. I get a lot of value out of Cinemaddicts, though, so I find it a good companion piece to The Film Vault.

chatterAwards Chatter, The Hollywood Reporter
I love the Awards Season, this blog was born out of a love for all things related to the Oscars so I will absolutely eat up a podcast about Awards Season. Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter has my career. His job is to cover all things related to the lead-up to the Academy Awards. He gets to do some incredible interviews and now those interviews take an audio form as well as a print form. In Awards Chatter Scott Feinberg talks to actors, writers, directors, producers, and more about their careers and the films that they worked on that are currently getting attetion. There’s a reason Scott Feinberg has this job and I don’t, he’s very good at it. He’s a great interviewer – he asks great questions and gives the interviewee room to give a full answer. I’ve learned a lot about the people who make the films that I love from Awards Chatter.

  • Honorable mention: The Awards Show Show, KPCC &
    Another great episode surrounding the Awards Season. Awards Chatter never offers you an opinion or critique of the nominations, Scott Feinberg is more of a journalist than a critic in his role, but The Awards Show Show offers great critique and educated opinions from people who see just about every movie nominated. I really valued their debates and discussions during this last Awards Season.