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#TryPod: Goofs and Giggles


For Goofs and Giggles

Comedians have really found a home in podcasting. After Chelsea Lately went off the air (I still miss you, boo) many of the regulars on her show went on to have very successful podcasts of their own. If I’m in the mood for a new podcast, I immediately start browsing the Comedy category and the shows below are the créme de la créme of the Comedy channel. 

My_Brother,_My_Brother_and_Me_logoMy Brother, My Brother and Me, Maximum Fun
I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the McElroy household as those boys were growing up but I imagine I would have needed hernia surgery from excessive laughter. Oldest brother Justin McElroy, middlest brother Travis McElroy, and sweet baby brother Griffin McElroy started making a podcast as a way to stay connected when the three of them moved to opposite coasts, and we have the privilege of sitting in on that conversation. Most of the show is them just being goofy, but it’s all structured around them offering advice and answers to the ridiculous questions asked on Yahoo Answers. You might be inclined to think this is wholesome comedy by their tone and demeanor, but these three get as raunchy and explicit as anyone. They recently released a marijuana induced podcast titled “The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls 2, Chapter 1” that is an absolute delight. Kiss your dad square on the lips. 

dollopThe Dollop, All Things Comedy
Who knew that American history was so fucked up? The Dollop is a “bi-weekly American History Podcast. Every week, Dave Anthony reads a story to his friend, Gareth Reynolds, who has no idea what the topic is going to be about.” I discovered The Dollop when Dave Anthony was a guest on an episode of My Favorite Murder and I immediately checked out their episode catalog; before I knew it I was hundreds of episodes deep into old episodes of The Dollop. That is the nice thing about this podcast, it’s always a story about history so, the episodes don’t really have an expiration date. Dave and Gareth are hilarious and they’ve unearthed some of the craziest stories about American history that you will be shocked you’ve never heard of. I knew I loved this podcast when I got to the “10 Cent Beer Night” episodes and laughed my ass off. Best of all, they sign cars.


#TryPod: TV Show Breakdowns


For TV Show Breakdowns

baldmoveEverything Bald Move
Jim and A. Ron have built their own podcast enterprise that they run full time. They have great taste in TV, great perspectives to offer on different programs and they don’t take themselves too seriously. They take their work seriously out of respect for their members and those who are in the Bald Move Club (it’s like, $5 a month, and MORE than worth it for the quality and quantity that they produce). I look forward to hearing their breakdown of new episodes of different shows every week and they always deliver. This level of engagement with the shows that I’m watching has totally transformed the way that I consume television. I’ve listened to their coverage of Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Fargo, House of Cards, Mr. Robot, Westworld – and my favorite is their coverage of The Leftovers. These two really appreciate how fantastic this show is, but they also provide a unique perspective on the cult element of the show as they are ex-Jahovah’s Witness members. They’re great. Love Bald Move.

rosebuddies_13Rose Buddies, Maximum Fun
Do you hate The Bachelor? Does everything about it kind of disgust you and you have no desire to watch the show? Listen to Rachel and Griffen McElroy talk through each episode in a hilarious and endearing way and before you know it, you’re spending three hours in front of your TV on Monday night wondering how long it’s going to take Nick to realize that Raven is perfect for him and realizing that Corn was given an unfair villain edit. I hate Rose Buddies for getting me into this damn show.

#TryPod: News & Politics


Podcasts For News Junkies


The Daily, The New York Times
New York Times correspondent Michael Barbaro hosts The Daily, a daily round up of what you “need to know that day” as well as topical stories and great interviews. It’s all wrapped up in a very well produced 30 minute package and I find that it’s a really great way to start my day.

nprpolitics_red1400px_sq-6bc03b536409ec88fd8d3abb637b560e93865bad-s300-c85NPR Politics Podcast, NPR
A group of NPR’s political reporters discuss what’s happening in the office of the president, congress and the White House at large. They drill down the implications of those politics and how they fit into the historical context of the US government. I’m drawn to this podcast because they are really great about presenting issues in a politically neutral way.

For Liberal Politics

podsavePod Save America/Pod Save the World, Crooked Media
Brought to you by former Obama campaign and White House staffers, the Pod Save podcasts bring intelligent thought, humor and satisfying outrage about what’s going on in American politics and the chaos of the Trump administration. Pod Save America focuses more on domestic policies, Pod Save the World focuses on international policies.

throwingshadeThrowing Shade, Maximum Fun
Erin and Bryan are just…everything. These two hilarious friends hash out “issues important to ladies and gays and treat them with much less respect than they deserve.” Throwing Shade is almost more of a comedy podcast, but their progressive stance on feminist and LGBT issues plays an important role. Can ya handle it?