Oscar Season 2016

So…life happens. New job. New apartment. I’ll spare you the boring details – but for the first time EVER life has gotten in the way of my ability to dive head first into Oscar season.

The season kicked off to a VERY disappointing bang with Golden Globe nominations. My problems were mostly with the TV nominees, but any award show that is going to deem Empire worthy of a Best Drama nomination over both The Leftovers AND The Knick has got their head way too far up their ass for me to take them seriously with TV or film.

I’m not kidding. I’m still irate. This might be the biggest snub in awards history since the “Daniel-Day-Lewis Not-Winning-For-Gangs-of-New-York” disaster of 2003.


In any case, with just two weeks to go before Oscar night, I’ve decided to make a mad dash to the finish line and play catch-up. In the next two weeks I’ll be posting ‘bite size’ reviews of the Oscar contenders for this year along with my predicted wins in each award category.

More to come soon!