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Review: Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner


Directed & Written by: Mike Leigh
Starring: Timothy Spall, Dorothy Atkinson, Marion Bailey

Other than some gorgeous cinematography coupled with equally gorgeous paintings, Mr. Turner falls pretty flat. This film is less about a story and more about a man’s life; but the lack of a plot progression coupled with an unlikable character makes Mr. Turner‘s running time of 150 minutes a bit difficult to stomach.

Timothy Spall plays J.M.W. Turner, a Romantic British painter working in the 1800s. He primarily painted landscapes of places both natural and man made. Turner regularly ventures to an ocean-front town where he falls in love with a landlady, and subsequently, the sea. Through his visits to see Sophia Booth Turner develops a preoccupation with the sea and develops a fondness for painting its fury, calm, and glory. When he is not seaside, he is at home often taking advantage of the love and kindness of his housekeeper. Turner’s grief upon the loss of his father is also explored. (more…)