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#TryPod: TV Show Breakdowns


For TV Show Breakdowns

baldmoveEverything Bald Move
Jim and A. Ron have built their own podcast enterprise that they run full time. They have great taste in TV, great perspectives to offer on different programs and they don’t take themselves too seriously. They take their work seriously out of respect for their members and those who are in the Bald Move Club (it’s like, $5 a month, and MORE than worth it for the quality and quantity that they produce). I look forward to hearing their breakdown of new episodes of different shows every week and they always deliver. This level of engagement with the shows that I’m watching has totally transformed the way that I consume television. I’ve listened to their coverage of Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Fargo, House of Cards, Mr. Robot, Westworld – and my favorite is their coverage of The Leftovers. These two really appreciate how fantastic this show is, but they also provide a unique perspective on the cult element of the show as they are ex-Jahovah’s Witness members. They’re great. Love Bald Move.

rosebuddies_13Rose Buddies, Maximum Fun
Do you hate The Bachelor? Does everything about it kind of disgust you and you have no desire to watch the show? Listen to Rachel and Griffen McElroy talk through each episode in a hilarious and endearing way and before you know it, you’re spending three hours in front of your TV on Monday night wondering how long it’s going to take Nick to realize that Raven is perfect for him and realizing that Corn was given an unfair villain edit. I hate Rose Buddies for getting me into this damn show.


Emmy Winner Predictions: The Big 3


My final Emmy winner predictions include the ‘big 3’ categories:

  • Outstanding Drama Series
  • Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Limited Series

Previous posts on Emmy winner predictions include the writing & directing categories and the acting categories.

Ready. Set. Go! (more…)

Emmy Winner Predictions: Writing & Directing

imageWe are less than one week away from the Emmy’s, so its time for some annual predictions about the winning shows for this year. This post will cover the following categories:

  • Outstanding Writing  for a Drama Series
  • Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series
  • Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Directing for a Comedy
  • Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special
  • Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special.

Before we begin, its important to draw attention to The Creative Arts Emmys. These awards that celebrate the more technical aspects of creating television (cinematography, sound editing/mixing, casting, original score, etc.) were distributed last week. In some ways, these awards can be even more important than some that are given out during the ceremony, but the list of nominees is a little out of control. You can check out the vast list of nominees and winners on my Emmy Nominations page.

Lets dive in.